Dear 2020:

COME ON MAN! We tap out ok. Make it stop. Somebody call the match. It's over.

If you needed anymore reason to stay home and stay safe, people this is it.

The Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia aka MURDER HORNET.

2 inches long, venomous sting, it can pierce a bee keepers suit (what?), and they kill up to 50 people A YEAR in Japan?!? It showed up in Washington state in December (you mean a hornet that don't give a whoop about the winter) and we're just hearing about it now? It's supposed to reach the east coast soon?!? (CBS News)

This past weekend we got introduced to 2020 just laying it on extra thick. Not only a threat to you and yours (be careful out there gardening people), but honey bees (who had already been in trouble) now need to look over their shoulders for this monster.

Scoot over Covid-19. We got more nightmare fuel in the form of Murder Hornets.

And this past weekend, the internet was not having it.

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