What disaster movie did we sign up for? How did we get here?

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We're living in some crazy amped up version of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire".

Pandemic, Vaccine, Harry, Meghan, and the Queen.

Hurricanes, Afghanistan, MURDER HORNETS IN OUR LAND.

We talked about these pesky suckers a while ago but holy crap, they're back in the headlines again and this ain't good.

Washington State Department Of Agriculture Sets Traps For Asian Giant Hornets
Getty Images

What do you mean you found nests? And is that like, plural. More than one?

I love the headlines because they use the word eradicated and that's supposed to give us some comfort.

What's jumping out to me here is second and third nest. Mind you, these are way over on the west coast in Washington state but this is high alert news that I think EVERYONE SHOULD BE FREAKING OUT ABOUT.

1500 in one nest?!? And they've found 3?

People, who opened Pandora's Box? Stop digging up mummies and stuff in Egypt.

We've got a plague (the virus) and now not locusts but freakin' MURDER HORNETS.

Tell me the truth, are they HERE IN MICHIGAN?

People THINK they've seen the Murder Hornet in Michigan but the scientist and people in the know say nope. Not yet.

What they've seen is something called a Cicada Killer Wasp.

So that's a relief.

And they say it'll be YEARS before we get them here in Michigan.

“As far as us in the Great Lakes region, we really don't have anything to worry about for the foreseeable future,” VanderWerp said. "So, even if this thing does establish in the western U.S., it will be many, many years before we see them over here." (Fox 17)

But in the same breath they said...

“Right now is that kind of magical window where eradication is a real possibility," he said. "And so it may be that they never get here. They may never get established in North America. If they do establish, it's a total guess of how fast they'll spread."(Fox 17)

It might take a couple of years but if they do get established, it's a GUESS AS TO HOW FAST THEY'LL SPREAD?!?

As they say on Shark Tank, "And for that reason, I'm out".



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