Spring is here, and with that, a lot of the critters and flying bugs we fail to see during the winter are crawling out of their holes and showing themselves again. It's crazy to think in a state of such beauty we could also face some not so pretty things.

We're not talking about stink bugs today, no matter how annoying they may be. I think it's time we discuss some of Michigan's more dangerous animals and insects. I won't get into bears, cougars, or wolves that reside here in Michigan. We're going to talk about more insects and species here in Michigan that carry toxins in them and could prove fatal.

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I've done my homework and research and compiled a list of species of snakes, spiders, frogs, and flying insects that you may see here in the state of Michigan that could harm you or maybe even your pets. They've made the list of Michigan's Deadliest Animals & Critters.

Michigan's Deadliest Animals & Critters

You may have even seen a few of these in your home or around the state.

This article was not in the order of least to most dangerous species. However, if we're going to toot one of those critters horns, the most dangerous thing we may have here in the state of Michigan is the Black Widow Spider or the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. We've all heard of the Black Widows and how dangerous a bite from one of them could be.

But did you know the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake carries more venom than a typical rattlesnake? Now, lucky for you, if you were to encounter such a creature, the snake doesn't actually release as much venom as normal rattlesnakes do when they do end up biting their prey.

Maybe you're cringing and getting ready to enjoy more of the comforts of home after reading this post, or maybe you're gearing up to go out and enjoy the great outdoors of Michigan, regardless, these are just a few of the dangerous creatures that could be lying in wait in our great state.

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