The headline reads:


Immediately I was like, OH SNAP!?!

This is all my wildest, childhood anime dreams come true.

Peep the description of the wolves.

The Monster Wolf has four legs, a shaggy body, blond mane and red, glowing eyes. (The Guardian)

That sounds CRAZY.

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And what's up with these BEARS roaming the countryside attacking villagers, women, and children? Terrorizing people and just messing things up? Well, maybe my description was a little more of what I wanted it to be.

Bear sightings in Japan are at a five-year high and occur mostly in rural areas in western and northern Japan, the national broadcaster NHK has reported. There have been dozens of attacks so far in 2020, two of them fatal, prompting the government to convene an emergency meeting last month to address the threat. (The Guardian)

Yup. Close enough.

So crazy blood thirsty bears roaming the countryside in a rural Japanese area. The townspeople come together to hash it out. A crazy scientist and the government agree they have an idea that just might be crazy enough to work.

This sounds like a movie that is totally going to make it on Netflix.

They decide to...DEPLOY THE MOSTER ROBOT WOLVES WITH RED GLOWING EYES to save the townspeople.

You pumped? Cause I am. Show me LAZER WOLF and let's get to some bear butt kicking.

And then we get...this.

Guardian News via YouTube
Guardian News via YouTube

The bears are more pissed than scared.

I'm expecting Japanese anime badassery brought to life and all I get is a reject from "5 Nights At Freddy's" that couldn't really cut it at Chuck E. Cheese.

And this thing is supposed to scare a real bear?

You're better off with this.

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