Bear lovers have a special place right here in Michigan, they just have to make their way up to the U.P. to get there.

Honestly, this place sounds like heaven for anyone who loves bears. Oswald’s Bear Ranch, as reported by MLive, is in Newberry, Michigan and is the "largest bear-only ranch" in the United States.

The ranch is home to 38 bears rescued from around the country and brought to Dean Oswald's family-owned ranch to live out the rest of their lives roaming the ranch.

Now don't worry, this is not just "Joe Exotic but make it bears" or anything like that.

According to MLive, the ranch is 240 acres containing four different habitats. The largest habitat's perimeter is about half a mile while the two smallest are each a quarter-mile perimeter. Also, because it is illegal to breed bears in Michigan, the males and females are kept in separated habitats.

As if all of that doesn't get you excited to go, there are also opportunities to interact with bear cubs!

MLive says there are currently three, six-month-old, rescued bear cubs at Oswald's that you can feed (strictly supervised) them jelly from a spoon.

Yes, you read that right. Feeding baby bears...jelly...with a spoon! DOES IT GET ANY CUTER THAN THAT!?

So, if you find yourself up in Newberry and are looking for something to do, admission is only $20 per vehicle and you will create some pretty awesome memories.

It's not very often you can safely interact with and get close to wild animals like bears and to have this experience available to us right here in Michigan is pretty incredible!

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