Summer officially kicked off this past weekend and even though the temperatures were warm that doesn't mean the Great Lakes water is warm yet. If you are thinking about heading to a Michigan beach anytime soon you might want to wait another week or so because most beaches aren't comfortably warm yet.

According to MLive, they have received some surface water temperatures from various Michigan beaches and no beach has reported 70 degree water temperature. There were some, Saginaw Bay, Green Bay and Western Lake Erie are reporting temperatures between 64-68 degrees. Those places are the warmest you will find anywhere in Michigan as most beaches are reporting temperatures between 40 - 52 degrees. This is quite cold but it is still the beginning of summer and with warmer weather coming water temperatures should increase over the next month or so.

There are only two state parks in southwest Michigan that are reporting water temperatures. Along with that there are only a few beaches around the state are reporting water temperatures so even though a few beaches are reporting warmer temperatures it doesn't mean all the water in that area is warm. Once more state parks open and start reporting water temperatures to the National Weather Service, we will all be able to make better beach choices.

I was up in Manistee two weeks ago and went into Lake Michigan and it was quite cold. The sun was out too so that helped with making the water less cold but it certainly wasn't warm enough for you to run into the water with joy. Next time you want a beach day, unless you wait a few weeks, you will probably be doing more sunbathing than swimming.

You can see more about it here.

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