There are a whole bunch of things going on here that we need to tackle.

First, it's the middle of August.

Second, we're just now getting ready for Halloween and all things Trick or Treat if we're even doing that this year.

Third, Thanksgiving is a looooong way away.

Fourth, before we can get to the most dreaded of Halloween candies, we now have to imagine a Thanksgiving version of it.

Ladies and gentlemen behold...

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We're not even lying. It's not a joke or a gag. This is real.

This is not a test.

Brach's is making this seasonal version of candy corn available right now. And I know it's going to sell out.

How do you merge Candy Corn and Thanksgiving together.

We'll let them tell you about the flavors.

A full course meal presented in a unique mix of candy corn flavors. BRACH’S Turkey Dinner includes all of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites. From roasted turkey, green beans and stuffing to ginger glazed carrots, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie.
Flavors include Green Beans, Roasted Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Ginger Glazed Carrot, Sweet Potato Pie & Stuffing. (Brach's)

I have questions about roasted turkey, green beans, and stuffing flavored candy.

However, we've had a love for strange jelly beans for a while in the form of Jelly Belly right?

What does it taste like? Does it pass the test?

You'll have to check your local Walgreen's to find them according to Brach's website.

But some folks did get their hands on some and here's what they thought.

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