Will you have to find a different place to grab those essential items like cat food, toothpaste, or detergent, along with your prescriptions?

Walgreens announced Tuesday they'll be closing about 200 U.S. stores in the hope of cutting costs by $1.5 billion in a few years, CNN reports.

This follows Walgreens' announcement of shuttering 200 location in the U.K. in May.

Of the U.S. closures, according to the Chicago Tribune,

No specific store closure locations were detailed in the filing. Company spokesman Phil Caruso said Walgreens would not make a full list of affected stores available, but the closings will begin in the fall."

Company spokesman Phil Caruso said in an email,

“Given that these closures will represent less than 3 percent of our stores overall, and given that we have multiple locations in many markets, we anticipate minimal disruption to customers and patients. We also anticipate being able to retain the majority of the impacted store team members in other nearby locations."

According to Walgreens' website, there are 51 Walgreen's within 50 miles of Grand Rapids.

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