Have you ever admitted something that you knew before you admitted it that it was going to make you seem silly or would make you kind of feel even...well...guilty?

Well this is that time for me. Right here and right now. I feel silly admitting this and even kind of guilty. Especially since I've lived in Michigan for so long. Okay, are you ready? Don't laugh.

Okay, you can laugh if you want to but here's my admission:

I have never, ever been to Michigan's Adventure.


Now understand, it's not because me or my family never wanted to go. In fact I believe there was even a time or two that there were plans in place to go to Michigan's Adventure when my son was growing up, but for reasons that I can't recall, we never ended up going to the amusement park. And I literally know a ton of people who have enjoyed Michigan's Adventure.

Maybe I can take my grandchildren there someday. If I ever have grandchildren. And come to think of it, the having grandchildren thing doesn't really have much to do with me, anyway. I figure I'll just have to sit around and wait and see what happens with that.

So here's the deal...if you were planning on going to Michigan's Adventure this year, unfortunately that is not going to happen according to fox17online.com, Michigan's Adventure amusement park will not open. However, their WildWater Adventure water park is going to be opening next week.

Get more info on what and what is not happening at Michigan's Adventure here from fox17online.com.

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