During the summertime, the state of Michigan gets hot, and not just the temperature rising hot, but the thick, humid, hard to move and breathe hot. One of the things Michiganders love to do is find a way to cool off, whether that may be going inside, traveling to another state, or one of the most fun ways, finding water to be in. Luckily, living in Michigan there is no shortage of water or water activities.

Michigan is loaded with places like Michigan's Adventure, Full Blast, and Safari Joes which all have pools, water slides, and other water attractions to appeal to the masses. We also have swimming pools, splash pads, ponds, and lakes scattered all over the state, not including the Great Lakes. The city of Buchanan has a special water attraction that draws Michiganders from all over.

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There is construction happening in a small town outside of Niles, Michigan, that will change their summer plans, and may even change yours. They are currently working on putting together the largest, so I'm assuming the longest as well, street-running water slide in the state of Michigan. Now I'm no expert on street-running water slides so I'm not sure how much competition they have for this label, but nonetheless, it's an impressive feat.

In Buchanan, Michigan you can now pull up to the "Thrill On The Hill" with your own tube and give it a rip. I can't imagine that it's too dangerous, granted it's probably not completely safe either, but no one has reported any serious injuries up to this point that I could find anyway. This makes me wonder if there are any other street-running water slides in Michigan and if they're worth a try.

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