I'll be the first to admit, I absolutely love candy corn.

The mellowcreme pumpkins? Give me all of them. The candy corns with the chocolate on the bottoms? YES PLEASE!

Last year I even wrote an "exposé" (more of a rant but let's get fancy here) titled "Do You Actually Hate Candy Corn Or Is It Just 'Trendy' To?"

We always hear every year the great debate over this seasonal sweet confection, but like many things, people can change their minds, their taste buds, their fall favorites. That's why year after year, the competition is on for which candy will reign supreme that Halloween season and this year, candy corn is out!

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Candy Corn: A Michigan Favorite for Years

Last year, in 2020, it was determined that candy corn was "officially" the favorite when it comes to Halloween candy here in Michigan.

Sure, if you are one of those anti-candy corn people, this may have come as such a shock to you that you could only assume people were not thinking clearly due to the dumpster fire that surrounded us that year...a dumpster fire you undoubtedly hoped was full of candy corn.

Candy Corn Dethroned in Michigan by...

Well, according to CandyStore.com, last year's second-place winner has become this year's first. This means that Starburst has officially taken the lead as Michigan's favorite Halloween candy, bumping the years-long favorite down to second place!

According to CandyStore's data, based on sales data from the past 14 years, there were no tricks in finding that 110,748 pounds of Starburst treats were purchased in the months leading up to Halloween in Michigan alone!

Taking last year's data into account, candy corn barely squeaked by with the victory meaning candy sales from 2020 were crucial in really sealing the deal.

In third place, we have Skittles who made an honorable effort but sold considerably less to Michiganders who prefer juicy, chewy cubes over fruity, crispy dots.

No Chocolate for Michigan?

You know, for a state with an entire island that seems to be centered around chocolate (fudge), we are surprised no chocolate options made the cut based on CandyStore's data.

However, career assistance and research website, Zippia, did some digging on their own and found that it is actually Kit Kats that reign supreme in Michigan.

It should be noted, though, their data is based on taking 50 of the most popular candies and cross-referencing that with Google Trends data on searches for said candies in each state.

But does "most searched" necessarily mean "most enjoyed"?

That being said, do with all this information what you will, we all know the real spirit of Halloween is stuffing your face with as much candy as you can whether it's stolen from your children or bought on clearance the next day!

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