It was this last year and I'm still wondering why this charade that Michigan's favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. Do we like garbage? Cause that is what I think when I see polls like this. Last year, Michigan's favorite was candy corn and the year before was candy corn too. Why? I don't know all of the answers but I can make some guesses and I also asked some Michiganders if they like candy corn or not too.

The new favorite Halloween candy poll was just updated this week from The got their data,

"from 13 years of sales data (2007-2019), looking in particular at the months leading up to Halloween. We then broke down our sales by state. We also have relationships with major candy manufacturers and distributors – all of whom contributed and helped us reach our conclusions."

After looking at all of the data Michigan's choice doesn't change as candy corn is still #1 but it is closer this year. Michiganders buy 115,269 pounds of candy corn over the years, not sure how much of it ends up in the trash, but #2 was Starbusts at 111,280 pounds in sales. The difference between #2 and #1 is less than 4,000 and closer than last year so hopefully we can buy more Starbusts this year and it can be #1 next year. Michigan was not the only state to pick candy corn this year as North Dakota and Alabama also had it #1.

I have asked Michiganders before about candy corn and I either get people that throw it out or eat but not in mass quantities so I'm not sure how this candy is always our top choice. You can see more about it here and hear what some had to say below.

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