We know one of the most important decisions you'll be making lately is that of what kind of sandwich do you love the most which is why we are here to tell you all about just that!

Sandwiches are a lunchtime staple and have been for as long as I can remember.

There are endless amounts of restaurants that specialize in them and some are definitely better than others.

Of course, there's the Subway style of doing things where you can customize your own or there are restaurants that really try to take the simplicity of sandwiches and make them gourmet!

One sandwich I get the most often because I love to see how different establishments pull them off is the Reuben! Though, I have a major spot in my heart for ones I make at home all the time like PB&J and Grilled Cheese.

But enough about me, what is Michigan's favorite sandwich!?

According to a survey using Google Trends done by Zippia, they found Michigan's favorite sandwich to be the corned beef sandwich!

Now, how specifically they mean corned beef in there, I am not sure. Would a Reuben count for that?

Clearly, there is a wide array of sandwiches to choose from, even if you count hamburgers and hot dogs in there, and Zippia actually says Americans eat 300 million sandwiches every day!

That's a lot of different sandwiches and a lot of different combinations.

Some states have pretty strange favorites, like Massachusetts. Zippia found the people of Massachusetts' favorite sandwich is the Fluffernutter!

Now, I have been told the Fluffernutter is a pretty ungodly creation but I am willing to hear them out! Just recently in St. Louis, I had a sandwich called "The Elvis" which was a PB&J with banana, honey and bacon on it and it was INCREDIBLE!

We all can attest to the magnificent artistry that goes into sandwiches, now what are your favorite sandwiches and where can we find them?

Know what pairs well with sandwiches? FRIES! Here's where the people of Lansing say to get the best of the best:

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