The "Big Game" is coming up on Sunday between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and if you aren't betting on the game, you can still check out these weird prop bets. Every year there are prop bets, which are bets on very specific things like winner of the coin toss, winner of first quarter, and so many other ones. Except during the playoffs and the Big Game weirder and more out there prop bets show up, and I figured I'd give you a heads up on them since sports betting is legal in Michigan just in time for the game.

I already mentioned above about a big prop bet, the winner of the coin toss. This bet is usually big as it can pay off before the game actually starts. Plus with this bet you have a 50/50 chance of hitting it, and the numbers say so as "Heads" is -101 and "Tails" is -101, so basically this means if you bet $101 to win $100.

So since I went over one of the bigger prop bets, let me show you some of the more unusual bets for this Sunday.

  • Demi Lovato is Singing the Nation Anthem this year and casinos usually put a bet on the length of time the National Anthem runs. Last year's was 113 seconds and this year's is right around there with the Over/Under of 121.5 seconds . If you take the over it will cost you a little more as the Over is -160 (Pay $160 to win $100) and the Under is +120.
  • If you like the commercials, you can bet on the first car commercial to air. Yes, I told you it was specific. The leader right now is "Hyundai is first car commercial aired" at +190, so if you have some insider knowledge you could make some good money on this.
    • Piggybacking on this there is also a prop bet on the first beer commercial to air and the big leader is "Bud Light is first commercial aired" at -125. Budweiser is also a pick but it is at +550, so clearly the odds-makers know which beer commercial is coming on first.
  • Here's a weird prop bet for the Halftime show. J.Lo and Shakira are teaming up to perform this year. Since Pepsi is sponsoring it, there is a "J.Lo or Shakira drinks Pepsi during show" that pays nicely at +600.
  • This prop bet has been up for the last few years and hasn't paid off much, but if you know about the player's personal life it could. "Marriage proposal on field at game's end" this has to be done by a player and it pays +700. I don't think it has happened after the Big Game, but it has happened after the World Series in the last few years so it could be worth a look.

There are so many weird prop bets and you can see more about them here, from 

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