We're ready. You're ready. To get back to some sense of normalcy. To get back to work. To get back to life.

But we have to move forward with the knowledge that THINGS ARE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT.

It won't be like it was before. We have to be safer. We have to be patient.

And that's the approach our friends at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort took in reopening.

They initially volunteered to shut everything down on March 16th of this year. And after taking massive steps to make sure the safety of their employees and guests were first and foremost, they are ready to reopen their doors this weekend.

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Now pay attention to this part.

Starting at 10am on May 29 and continuing until 8a.m. on

June 1, these facilities will reopen to a limited number of invited guests only. On June 1 at 8 a.m. the facilities will be open to the general public. (Soaring Eagle)

There will be masks. There will be no smoking (at least for now). Spacing with every other slot machine. Not all amenities will be available.

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

Changes have been made to protect you and the employees so you can still have fun and enjoy your gaming experience.

We were lucky enough to speak with CEO Mike Bean about the soft open this weekend (for a limited number of invited guests) and the full on reopening for the general public that happens Monday @ 8 am. We talk temperature checks, cleaning the chips and the cards, hours of operations, what's up with the live shows and more. If you want answers, you gotta go straight to the source. And Mike was so gracious to answer all our questions so please take a listen below.

And once again, we ask that when you do visit Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort remember: be patient & be kind. This is new territory for everyone. Safety measures are in place that you might initially find a little restraining and an inconvenience. For them to be able to offer you the return of this entertainment outlet, there must be guidelines put in place for your safety and theirs. Also please note, a lot of folks get to go back to work. From the casino employees, hotel employees, and even more cleaning staff. This is just one step towards reopening our state fully. Embrace the change and adapt to the new normal. This is how it's going to be everywhere for a while.

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