Every year there are weird Super Bowl prop bets that you can make and this year is no different with several having to do with this Motown artist. The prop bets this year have become more than actually betting on the game itself and there are several dozen more of these prop bets than last year. So lets go over some of these interesting and weird prop bets for this year's game. I got all of the bets from Action Network.

First the National Anthem is being sung by Atlanta favorite and Motown icon Gladys Knight so you can bet on the length on her National Anthem, which right now sits at over/under 110 seconds. Also you can bet on if she will have a mic stand or not, which sits at -125. Also you can bet on if she will miss a word of the anthem (that sits at -800 that she won't mess up) but this one was bet on a lot last year because Christina Aguilera was singing and she has been known to go off script.

In addition to the National Anthem you can bet on if Maroon 5 will bring out Christina or even if Mick Jagger will come out. Jagger is not supposed to be there and because of that the odds are him showing up at +450, so don't count on it. You can also bet on if the Super Bowl winners will go to the White House, since the Eagles last year didn't, and if they will be served fast food (this is at +300 and if we have another government shutdown in two weeks this could happen).

But if you want a prop bet that is looking like it will hit, but mostly for embarrassing reasons is the bet that CBS commentators Jim Nantz or Tony Romo say "Hotlanta". Its at +280 and knowing that Hotlanta is the nickname of Atlanta and something crazy usually happens during the game this might actually hit and make you some money.

You can see more about prop bets and how or if you should bet them here, from Action Network. 

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