$801,602. Whew...that's closer to a million bucks than it is to a hundred bucks, right?...$801,602...Wow!

That was the jackpot payed to a man from Lansing when he won the "Michigan Lottery's Doubler Wild Time Progressive Fast Cash" game, according to the Michigan Lottery Facebook page.

I call him "a man" because...well he is, but he has also chosen to remain anonymous after his big lottery win. Frankly, I would have to say that I can't blame him. I'm pretty sure I would do the same thing if I won. But I didn't win...he won.

Well, maybe someday for me...

By the way, he purchased his winning ticket at the Speedway that is located at 2558 East Jolly Road in Lansing. Or as I like to put it, just down the road from the radio station. I've bought quite a few lottery tickets from that Speedway location myself and I think at most I've won maybe four bucks? But I've never bought a Doubler Wild Time Progressive Fast Cash ticket. I might have to change that now.

Change your game. Change your luck.


Well, I can only hope.

Anyway, what we do know about the mystery lottery winner is that he's 23 years old, he's going to buy a home and a car and take care of his family.

What is not a real mystery here that he sounds like a good dude. Congratulations mystery guy. Enjoy your winnings in good health.

Get more information here about the big win from the Michigan Lottery Facebook page.

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