The times we are living in have changed the way we do a lot of things and apparently Las Vegas is getting in on it with coronavirus guard. You can see what they look like if you look at the tweet below this is from @LasVegasLocally on Twitter, and it seems like they are joking that Vegas casinos are mass ordering them.

The "Rona Guards" are going to look like you are going to bank instead of gambling at a casino table as the Plexiglas will separate you from others at the table and the dealer as well. According to the other replies on this post, they will also have two dealers at the tables as one will just focus on casino gaming chips and clean them every time someone uses them and the other dealer will change the cards after every use.

This seems ridiculous and probably not going to happen but I have to say I'm kind of a fan of these guards around the tables. I like the guards mostly because if you are not a fan of cigarette smoke this might help and also you can avoid talking to people at the table too.

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