There's no denying that Monday's suck. I've woken up a time or two and thought to myself, "Today would be a perfect day to be 'sick'." Zippia put together a list of states that hate Monday the most and Michigan ranked number twenty seven. Idaho hates Monday's the most, they're always calling into work after the weekend.

Did you know that Monday's are statistically the most dangerous day of the work week? Yup, injuries in the work place usually happen on a Monday. Probably because our brains are still in weekend mode.

We all expect Monday's to be difficult because it's hard to get back into the swing of things after having a couple of days off. However, we're so focused on how much we don't like Monday's that we don't realize Tuesday's are actually worse.

Am I alone on this one? Think about it for a minute. We put all of this effort to get through Monday that you're exhausted come Tuesday. I'm way more sluggish on Tuesday than Monday.

I'm actually pretty productive at the beginning of the week even though I'm tired. I think it's because I try to keep the "It's going to be a good week." mentality on Monday. Then reality sets in on Tuesday. We're four days away from the weekend and depending on how the week started, those four days seem like four weeks. Tuesday is a more realistic Monday. It's Monday on repeat.

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