Yes Toys R Us is back but they are not going to re-open more stores instead they will be re-branding themselves with another idea. Toys R Us went into bankruptcy late last year and closed all of their stores all around the country and we all thought that it was all we would hear from them, but when they went bankrupt they didn't sell off the name, properties, or their mascot Geoffrey. Because they didn't sell off those properties, they have announced that the toy brand will be back but this time under the name "Geoffrey's Toys Box"

The plan according the NY Post, will be the new name "Geoffrey’s Toy Box" and they will be selling their own private-label toys in other stores. Some of the brands that they will sell will be ones only sold in Toys R Us stores such as  True Heroes, Journey Girls and Imaginarium.

Though some people are happy to see them back some stores and toy brands are not happy about it as they were not paid by Toys R Us when they went belly up. You can see the full strategy for the new re-branding here. 

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