I was talking about this on Wednesday during my show because some people like to make all of their food from scratch during the holidays. Also I'm asking you this cause someone invented and is now selling a 9 layer Christmas Dinner in a can. Apparently its for people that are too busy playing games or playing with toys to eat.

But would you be alright if the Holiday dinner you were going to had all the foods from a can. And no not just the cranberry sauce but like Mashed potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, or maybe Turkey from a can?! Check out what some people had to say about it and if they would want to eat anything at their next Holiday Dinner from a can.




Also If you don't believe me on the 9 layer Dinner in a can, there is a video below of a guy trying out the Christmas Tinner from a can. I don't wanna ruin it but the guy didn't think it was too terrible.


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