As the holidays approach, some people have already started putting their Christmas decorations up, there are some things to keep in mind.

This year has arguably been hard on everyone and while the holidays may or may not look a little different for you and your family, it's safe to say we could all use some fun.

That's what the holidays are all about, being thankful for what you have, spending time and having fun with family and just being together.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Yes, the one many people like to kind of gloss over as soon as Halloween is over. I like it because I see it as a kickoff to the holiday season and it is an excuse to eat as much as I want with my family. We also always have to go to at least two Thanksgiving dinners so that makes it even better!

However, there are so many things our family does that do annoy us down to the core, despite how great it is to see them.

How To Annoy Your Family Over The Holidays

I know I have experienced every single one of these instances.

For example, my boyfriend and I have been together for five years; however, four out of those five were spent being two hours apart from each other. Every family gathering people ask us when we are getting engaged or why we are not yet.

This year I am half-tempted to wear a shirt that just says, "Nope, not engaged yet."

Also, my mom is a labor and delivery nurse so she LOVES babies. Whenever a new baby comes into the family, my mom wants to hold it at the next gathering, only for people to look at me and say "WHEN ARE YOU GIVING THIS WOMAN A GRANDBABY!?"

It is fun to catch up and be excited for your family members to take the next steps in their lives but as someone who has a big family, just please...pump the brakes a little sometimes!

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