Say what you will about Taco Bell, but would people like it so much if it wasn't good? What about if something could make it great?

Well, that's what "Fiesta Potatoes" did for Taco Bell...those tiny, starchy squares brought them into a whole new bracket of greatness...and probably taxes from all the money they made.

They were such a great option for people like vegetarians looking to enjoy what "T-Bell" had to offer or just for anyone who truly enjoys 'taters! The fact that most of their potato products were on the dollar menu made it all just even better.

With how much love people had for "Fiesta Potatoes" I will NEVER understand why they thought it was okay to get rid of them...and I don't think they did either.

According to MLive, Taco Bell said they only removed them temporarily to "simplify the efforts of employees who had to deal with increased drive-thru traffic amid the COVID-19 pandemic" which is absolutely a valid point. However, I think they just removed them for the sake of removing them and are only bringing them back after outcry from people who wanted them back!

For me, the absence of the $1 "Spicy Potato Tacos" meant I had to change my order and made my usual order cost twice as much as it normally did so I stopped going to Taco Bell as much as I was before...which was a lot.

I know I am not the only one who wasn't necessarily "boycotting" Taco Bell but stopped going because they didn't have the one thing that brought me there most.

Well, Taco Bell has realized the error in their ways (and probably the decline in their sales) and announced the potatoes are coming back in a fun little video from their CEO using filters to turn himself into a 'tater:

They claim the return of the potatoes is part of a bigger push to cater to vegetarians which, yes that's great...we all know hunchbacks are to "the bell" what cash is to the king.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to talk to my boss about getting March 11th off because FIESTA POTATOES ARE BACK, BABY!

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