Are you vegan or vegetarian? Or maybe you're someone who's looking to branch out and try new things this year. A new plant-based restaurant just opened in the Lansing area!

VEG-N, started as a food trunk in 2019 and recently opened their doors earlier this week! It's located at 902 E Cesar E Chavez in Lansing. In order to limit in-person interactions, they're offering drive-thru options.

CEO and Cofounder of VEG-N, Christabelle Dozeman says they wanted to bring something new to the area and offer a little something for everyone.

“We’re here for you if it’s one meal or if it’s a whole lifestyle change that you’re after. We’re not here to take your meat away by any means, we just want to add something new to the area, that the area has definitely been lacking.”

Did you know that plant-based sales grew 11% this past year? Vegans and vegetarians aren't the ones leading those sales either, it's "flexitarians." A flexitarian is someone who tries to minimize their meat intake. Business Insider reports that the plant-based meat industry could be worth $74.2 billion by 2027.

As someone who has dietary restrictions, I'm glad to see that more places are offering plant-based options. Even big fast food chains are jumping on board. Taco Bell announced they're bringing potatoes back and adding beyond meat to their menu. McDonald's and KFC have plant-based options in the works too!

If you're looking to branch out and try more plant-based options, below is a list of area restaurants that serve them.

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