Forget What We're Calling It, Am I Going To Eat It?

Truth be told, I've been doing pretty decent on my latest healthcare journey. I've developed a program, watched my fats, carbs, sodium, and meat intake.

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With the aid of a nutritionist, I've lost some weight and have a plan to keep it off.  During this phase, I had considered going vegan...uh...meatless. But I have been doing some reading and there are some drawbacks. Flavor, texture, and most notably for me was the amount of sodium. So I backed off of going completely meatless and have stuck closer to chicken and fish for my proteins.

However, if you decide to go meatless you don't have to worry about if it's labeled incorrectly. it's sold in the meat department/section. But it's labeled meatless, vegan, or plant based/made from plants.

But What If It's Grown In A Lab?

Wait what now?

Oh you knew it was coming. They're growing meat in a lab. And they're going to want to sell it in the market. And they're going to want to put it as close to the real meat products as possible.

I mean, we let the impossible meat folks do it. So why can't the lab grown "meat" be there too?

GMOs be damned.

And before we let it be sold near the meat, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO CALL IT?

Michigan state lawmakers are already all over it. 

A person shall not label or identify as meat a laboratory grown meat substitute.

All required words and numbers shall must be legible to potential customers. (Michigan Legislature)

If they run with "synthetic" I might just run the other way.

It just might be time to go vegan.


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