Not Just Scared, But Joe Exotic Scared

I have driven past this little brick building with the crazy signs in the yard so many times I've lost count.

Brick House Jerky Outlet via Facebook

It's slightly north of Uncle John's Cider Mill on US-127, but it's on the west side of the road. The address is listed as 1969 E Garfield Rd, Ashley, MI 48806.

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As many times as I have driven by it, I swear I have never seen anything that said "jerky" to me. I just saw every type of exotic animal you could imagine on the sign and thought it was some type of crazy menagerie or out-of-this-world butcher that specialized in shark, python, and camel meat.

I mean look at the sign.

Brick House Jerky Outlet via Facebook

Aside from the smoked fish, there is nothing on there that leads me to believe this place was a jerky house.

But that's exactly what it is.

Not Just A Store But A Jerky Outlet

Brick House Jerky Outlet has quite a following and some amazing reviews from its customers. If you're a jerky enthusiast, this is your spot. They have your normal, Michigan favorites as far as jerky goes. Beef and turkey jerky.

Brick House Jerky Outlet via Facebook

But most folks stop here for the EXOTICS. Truth in advertising. Python, kangaroo, shark, and CAMEL jerky are all right there.

Camel?!? For real?

Brick House Jerky Outlet via Facebook

And they are quite proud of their EXOTICS.

Brick House Jerky Outlet via Facebook

We sell a wide range of jerky including Beef, Turkey, Elk, Venison, Buffalo, Gator, Kangaroo, Shark, Python, Rattlesnake, Turtle, Swordfish, Ostrich, Rabbit, Salmon, and Boar. Plus we sell Hunters Sticks, Summer Sausage. Fudge, Edible Insects, and more. (Brick House Jerky Outlet)

I love how they hit you with the fudge & edible insects combo at the end.

So the next time you're driving through Ashley, Michigan and you've got some time to kill, stop by. Or maybe set it as your day trip destination.

Do you go get the camel jerky before or after you hit the cider mill?

Asking for a friend.

And cicadas? Wait, let me take that back. These guys have shark jerky. Candied or chocolate cicadas sounds like something that would be in their wheelhouse.

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