I asked a question the other day in my favorite facebook food group about Lansing burgers.

I wanted to know the best place to go get a burger and I got a variety of spots (with Dagwoods getting a ton of mentions).

I then went a step further asking about who had the biggest burger. I specifically said I wasn't looking for a food challenge. But who had a decent double decker/triple decker burger?

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I'll write up a review of all the places later. But someone posted something about a burger/sandwich at MeatBBQ in Old Town that I had heard about but never invested in.

I mean, I usually grab a pork belly reuben and call it a day.

But this monstrosity...

Behold the Boss Logg.

I was looking for a big burger and I specifically said NO FOOD CHALLENGES but...you can't take your eyes off it.


You're going to hate yourself for asking.

The Boss Logg* – 18 layers of pure metal on a bun in the form of pork, brisket, 2 burger patties, bacon, fries, gravy, cheddar, ‘merican and pepper jack cheese, hot garlic sauce, jalapenos, and a sunny side egg. (Food Challenges)

You can indeed order the sandwich alone for just $29.95. Or you can try to torture yourself and do the ULTIMATE CARNIVORE FOOD CHALLENGE. Eat this monstrosity, a side, a made to order mac-n-cheese with 2 ingredients in 45 minutes with no bathroom breaks AND YOU WIN. You get a beer, a t-shirt, the meal for free, your photo on the wall...possibly a trip to the ER. If you fail, well you're out $37.95.

BTW, you can't order it to go because they say "WE LIKE TO WATCH YOU SUFFER".

Just look at it. This is JUST THE SANDWICH with a side of fries.

Peep the video below and make your own decision. I've been to Meat in Old Town several times. I'm a big dude. I've got a healthy appetite.


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