I'm saying this because summer is known for more people to drop or damage their cell phone. Since this is the time for it, let's go over the worst places to drop your cell phone and how to protect it so when you drop it you won't have to get a new one.

According to WILX, during the summer water damage to phones goes up 80%, while cracked screens only accounts for a 10% increase. In addition, claims that phones have been dropped and are unable to be retrieved go up during the summer more than 60%. These claims go up because as more people head to the beach or to another body water and once a phone is dropped in the water its lost forever.

I have never dropped my phone in water but I have dropped my phone in the mud when I was at an outdoor concert about 8 years ago. Luckily the phone I had, had a great case on it, so it was still able to work...even though it kinda smelled weird for a bit.

Now let's talk about the thing to protect your phone, a great case. Not only a case to cover the back of your phone but also the screen. The case for a phone will generally protect against drops or water, but a screen protector is great for those sudden drops of your phone as the screen protector will take the damage instead of your phone. There is unfortunately no protection for dropping your phone in a lake, there is only prevention so if you can get a case with a wrist band that will help with sudden drops of your phone.

If you have dropped your phone you know the feeling, but just know you aren't alone. Check out below to hear some of these stories from listeners who have dropped their phone in the weirdest or worst places ever.

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