Are you missing going to the movies or the movie theater experience cause now you can have it in your own home by creating your own projector. You can create a projector that will make whatever you are viewing on your phone or smaller tablet and project it on your wall like you are in a movie theater.

You may have seen this feature on some phones but you and your kids can create this for your next movie night and all you need are a few things including your phone. The few other things that you need for this project are: a shoe box, tape, glue (preferred a hot glue gun), a magnifying glass, and an small knife for cutting through the box. Now I know that finding a magnifying glass might be tough to find but you can order one, and that will only cost you a few bucks instead of buying a $4,000 movie theater projector.

Below you can see step by step how to make one, plus this can be a family project that you will all enjoy when you finish.

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