The movie theaters opened in Michigan today. Our friends at Celebration Cinema asked you to wear a mask unless you are sitting or shoving food in your mouth hole.

There really are some B options out there as the big studios are holding back most of the big titles until next year... Like COVID is going anywhere. Looks like just one more month to go until the Christmas movies arrive.

Each year, the Christmas movies come out to capitalize on the celebration of the birth of Jesus! This one has nothing to do with divinity and more to do with Santa and the S#^* he's seen. He's making a list... of people to whack.

I KNOW people hate Mel Gibson. He said some terrible things when he was drunk... Like everyone in the world. He has paid dearly for his actions. He may not be the best example of a human being but the dude is an amazing actor. Braveheart and The Patriot are some of the best performances on film.

This new movie Mel is in should not be mentioned in the same paragraph as those other 2 masterpieces.  Well, see if you can make it all the way through without your jaw hitting the floor.

So, we have heat packing Santa who takes his women like he does his coffee... Black and sweet. I was laughing so hard my wife came and checked on me.

Where is the camera and who is pranking us?

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