You keep hearing us say get out and support all our local Lansing businesses and restaurants.  I decided not to use food apps anymore and order direct from the restaurant for delivery and take out.  I really enjoy dining out as well at all the wonderful places we have in the Lansing area.

Not only to support our local business but I am done with the surcharges and hidden fees on many food delivery apps. Uber Eats kept charging my credit card for something I never even heard of like an uber pass. Be careful and check your credit cards when you order from food apps.

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It was sad, but many restaurants closed in Michigan in 2022, so many I don't even want to mention it.

Many New Restaurants Now Open in Lansing Area

The good news is despite supply chain problems and all the jobs that need to be filled, Lansing opened many new restaurants in the past 6 months or so, and more are expected to open by the spring of 2022 according to

So check it out, here's a list of six area restaurants in the Lansing area that just opened recently with everything from homestyle Hawaiian cuisine to soul food. So let's give them a try over this holiday season.

So there you have it, no matter what you have been hankering for, these restaurants will surely not send you away with an empty stomach. Remember to tip well and let's get out and enjoy all the great restaurants the Lansing area has to offer.

Wait, Here's One More

One more thing here is a bonus restaurant to try new in Holt that also just opened.

Gravity Smokehouse in Holt

I recommend the brisket and they have the biggest nachos I have ever seen on one plate. Enjoy

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East Lansing Farmers Market

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