You gotta love options. With BJ's Wholesale Club now open in Lansing, you've got more than just another wholesale club. You've got more ways to save and more savings.

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What's so different about BJ's?

Where do we begin? They don't just offer tires at this location. They offer tires, service, and propane.

They offer gas but it really looks like they kick up the savings for members

Speaking of members, you can become one online. At present, they offer two different memberships and each one comes with a digital gift card (for a limited time). I found out you can sign up in-store or online. However, since they just opened, that line at the customer service desk is going to be a little long. It moves fast. But you can save yourself some time and do it all online to skip the line. Also, to take advantage of the digital gift card, you need to sign up and allow up to 72 hours for it to be applied to your membership.

They have an app you can download and it has some pretty awesome options. It has an In-Club mode with express pay, pickup check-in, digital coupons, and you can order something from the deli via the app and shop while they get it ready.

They have a huge health and beauty section, an optical department, that deli section where they will slice your meats and cheeses for you, and a bakeshop where they do customized/personalized cakes.

If you would like to see inside before you decide to get a membership, take a look at the photos below.

You can get a one-day pass to shop before you commit.

Those membership specials expire at the end of March.

Photos: Want To Take a Look Inside The NEW BJ's Wholesale Club?

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