This story has gone nationwide bringing a ton of attention to Lansing favorite Capital City BBQ. Also known by some as "that BBQ restaurant that's also a cell-phone store."

The Lansing restaurant isn't closed even though a voice message said otherwise. The story started a few weeks ago after people called the restaurant and heard this message:

Happy Holidays from Capital City BBQ. Due to the Holidays, we will be taking an extended leave until March 1st. We look forward to your business and seeing you after March 1. Have a happy holiday, thank you.

According to LSJ and the owner Linh Lee, the restaurant wasn't closed and she wants everyone to know it. Apparently, Lee and her ex-boyfriend opened the restaurant together. They have since separated, so the ex took it upon himself to record a message to say the restaurant was closed. The owner Lee eventually changed the message, but the damage was done as she said she had half the business she usually had and barely any calls.

Capital City BBQ is open for business and you can see more information on the story here. The Lansing community truly came together to support this business, which was amazing to see.

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