This is why you need to read signs otherwise your truck could turn into a convertible. There was a video that I came across on Facebook that is so Lansing as it shows another truck that became a victim to the Potter Park Bridges.

I'm sure you have been to the Potter Park Zoo and have seen the really nice pedestrian bridge that goes over Pennsylvania Ave. I have gone on the bridge and if you haven't it has a great view of the river and all of the traffic below. The pedestrian bridge isn't usually the problem as there is a dip in the road giving trucks more room to make it under.

The second bridge, the railroad bridge, however has become a running joke throughout the city. The railroad bridge is older and if you have been to it recently you can see that it has been hit plenty of times. There are plenty of warnings when going either way, but if you are heading south on Pennsylvania ave you will see a light flashing telling you about the bridge. Even though there are several signs and warnings there is at least one truck or vehicle that hits one or both of these bridges every few months.

You can see the last truck to mess with these bridges and the damage it did below in the gallery.

Don't Mess With the Potter Park Bridges

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Just a warning the video is not safe for children due to language.

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