Have you received your stimulus payment yet? The payments are being distributed in three different ways. If you haven't received yours yet, keep an eye out for a white envelope with the U.S. Department of Treasury seal on it.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel would like residents to know that if they receive a Visa debit card in the mail, not to toss it, because it isn't a scam. If you're unsure the debit card you received was your stimulus debit card, there should be a Visa logo on the front and 'MetaBank, N.A.' on the back. Nessel says,

“As many Americans await their second stimulus payment, it’s important to keep in mind that such payment may be disbursed in three different ways – direct deposit, paper check or prepaid debit card."

Stimulus payments will look different then those received in the spring. If you make $75,000 or less, you will get $600. Couples that file taxes jointly and make less than $150,000 will be receiving a $1,200 payment. Those making less than $87,000 and couples under $174,000 are also eligible for partial stimulus payments.

If you have yet to receive your stimulus payment or have and the payment is incorrect visit the Recovery Rebate Center. All Visa cards have protection against fraud and loss. If you are unsure how to use your prepaid debit card, you can receive more information from the IRS here.

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