When folks get in my DMs or send me forwards in Messenger, I am not the one. I don't like chain emails and copy and paste stuff. I will not pass it on, the buck stops with me. And I'm a fact checker. So know if you're going to send me something it will get the once over. If I find it to be bogus and think you should know better, I am apt to let you hear about it and possibly drop you. Real talk. I have no time for those brand new to the interweb and social media.

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This brings me to the topic at hand. And I got it from a friend who's a pretty smart guy. He shared it with me and I fact checked it. It did indeed come from a reputable source. And then I checked two, three more sites. Yup. Seems legit and reputable sources.

If you are familiar with seeing "PAYMENT STATUS NOT AVAILABLE", I've got a hack for you.

According to multiple sources, if you are having problems with the IRS and the status of your Economic Impact Payment (Stimulus Check) here's what you should do.

Many people, including this reporter, have found that entering their street address in all capital letters was the key to getting in and being able to enter their bank account information in order to have their stimulus funds deposited electronically instead of waiting for a check in the mail. (LA Times)


Twitter and everyone else confirms it. Give it a shot. Chances are, it will work for you too.


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