Not only in Michigan, but all across America the IRS reports that more than 1.25 million of the first round of stimulus checks for $1200 are unclaimed or uncashed, that adds up to 2.1 billion dollars. Those are from the CARES act that was issued in March of 2020.

In Michigan 46,140 checks or 47% of our qualified population never cashed them. These were all issued based on tax return information for qualified Americans. They are unsure as to why so many of them were never cashed. Now if an address changed since the last time taxes were filed, that could cause an issue. The Government made a thorough effort to get money to those who qualified.

Now there is talk of a fourth round of stimulus. President Biden says it’s up to congress. We’ve had three rounds of stimulus so far, and this last one couldn’t come soon enough. The last wave that hit us in the fall really hurt a lot of folks, once again closing businesses and asking people to stay and work from home. Obviously many jobs can’t be done from home, and to support families many worked through the pandemic risking infection to themselves and their families.

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The good news is we are slowly coming out of this pandemic. Our Government has worked hard recently to knock out Covid-19 and help people keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Vaccination rates are soaring all across America as the push to reach herd immunity continues.


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