Another day and another stream of scams that could be headed to your phone.

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Both are false and one is getting the attention of the Michigan Attorney General. Do not believe or click on anything that pertains to the following.

Scam #1: Did They Actually Say Food Stamps?

On the heels of the monthly child tax credit payments starting to come out, scammers are gonna scam. Hoping that folks are interested in getting more help by convincing them they are eligible for more assistance and food stamps?

This one comes from Michigan AG Dana Nessel's Office.

According to Nessel, scammers are sending texts saying the receiver is eligible to receive food stamps, and all they have to do is click a link, that will then steal the person’s personal information. (WILX)


The Michigan AG's office says that they don't use outdated terms like "food stamps" anymore and there aren't any real words or links to this being from the STATE OF MICHIGAN.

In response, the departments are reissuing AG Nessel's Government Imposter Consumer Alert. When scammers make contact through a text message, it's called smishing.  (

Scam #2: There Isn't Another Stimulus Check Coming At The End of The Month

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate Checks Printed
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A lot of folks are invested in this one. Everyone seems to think it's true.

Let's just set the record straight. That's a big NO.

Again, on the heels of that child tax credit payment folks are throwing out a lot of false information and this one seems like it could be true. People want to believe it's true.

It's not.

The Biden administration has not passed legislation about a fourth stimulus payment and Congress has shown no interest – at least for now – in widescale direct relief programs, preferring more targeted efforts. (mlive)

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