It seems as if kids in Michigan have spent most of this year NOT in school because of all the snow days they've been getting.

Between snow storms, freezing temps, and icy roads these past few weeks the majority of schools have already used their allowed number of days off. Because of this, lawmakers are considering to forgive. Under state law, K-12 schools are allowed six missed days [because of an emergency], with an additional three-day waiver. ClickOnDetroit reports that some have already missed up to 16 days worth of class time, which means at least one extra week has to be tagged on to the end of the school year.

If approved, the five days between January 28th and February 1st will be forgiven statewide, and not counted as snow days. This was around the time when shopping centers, movie theaters, and restaurants closed early or didn't even open.

One legislator told ClickOnDetroit that they are also considering a bill that will give districts the option to choose between fulfilling the required 180 school days or 1,098 classroom hours. That way they can do what's easier for them and still receive their government funding.

Another bill was introduced recently that would exclude days off if it was during a state-declared emergency.

Do you think the snow days should be forgiven?

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