Winter weather has taken over and dominated our newsfeeds for the moment.

A couple of weekends ago, we warned you there was two weeks of bad weather coming and we're in week number 2.

So we're going to be looking at temps around 10 degrees. And that's the high. Morning temperatures could be several degrees below zero. They are forecasting it lasting from about February 6th through the 17th.

And even though we won't get blasted with snow like the Northeast is right now, we could get some significant amounts soon.

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We are right on schedule.

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A winter weather advisory kicking in on Monday and in effect until about noon on Tuesday February the 16th.

Last I looked, it said something to the effect of 6 to 8 inches with a possible 10.

Late Monday afternoon and heading into Tuesday night, the school cancellations and closings were already coming in. And it was a healthy list indeed.

We know from countless news reports throughout the day that down south and especially Texas (Dallas and Houston) are getting hit hard. Mostly because they aren't ready for severe cold and snow and ice.

My mom lives in Mississippi and she called to let me know pipes are freezing on such a large scale in the city she lives in, that it's affecting water pressure.

And locally, they've pinpointed where the brunt of the winter weather and snowfall will hit between now and late Tuesday.

Hello Jackson.

Snow will pick up in intensity late this (Monday) afternoon. Once the snow is done Tuesday late morning or early afternoon, Jackson will be in the heaviest snowfall area of Michigan.  (MLive)

And while it will look like a lot...

Remember, this is going to be a fluffy snow that doesn’t compress. So the ruler measurement will look impressive, but the weight of the shovel won’t be oppressive. (MLive)

Take it slow and easy Tuesday morning my friends. And the further south you go in the state towards Jackson and the border, get ready for more snow.

At least it'll be fluffy. That's a good thing right?

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