Teachers have probably seen their fair share of crazy things since "Zoom school" has been in session, but this one actually helped save a life!

According to WOOD TV, a first-grade teacher at Edgewood Elementary School in Muskegon Heights was able to recognize and get help for a student's grandmother as she was trying to troubleshoot a student's "distance-learning" device not charging.

The teacher, Julia Koch, could only help so much (considering she was only there virtually) before she had to enlist the help of the student's grandma, Cynthia Phillips.

WOOD TV reported that upon speaking with Phillips, Koch could tell something was wrong, gathered her fellow school staffers and they called 911 saying Phillips needed help "ASAP."

Virtual schooling has probably changed the dynamics between students and teachers. Teachers get an even closer look into their students' home lives and in this case, we can be glad for that!

As it turned out, Phillips was actually having a stroke but after being rushed to the hospital and remaining under the watchful eye of medical staff, she told WOOD she is making strides to recovery.

Out of all the crazy stories, funny videos, ridiculous memes we have gotten out of students getting their education through video chats, we've got to say this one is our favorite.

Not only does this stand as a shoutout to Julia Koch, but to all teachers. Now aside from keeping an eye out for warning signs of trouble at home when students are in their care for the day, they are now essentially "in" the homes with them and have to be hyper-aware of situations like this!

Thank you to all teachers and school staff out there whose jobs have had to change significantly in these COVID times, you're molding minds and saving lives.

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