That's right if you are a student at Jackson College you will be able to apply for emergency aid to help you out this fall. According to WILX, Jackson College have said that students that have "incurred qualifying expenses related to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic" are eligible to apply for emergency aid.

If you are a students you can apply for the aid but you must also be enrolled in a financial aid-eligible course at Jackson College in the current semester and must be eligible for financial aid in order to apply.

The reason for Jackson College giving students more aid during this time because the college received almost 4 million dollars in aid from the CARES Act. The college was going to split the money between students and administrators but after talking more they are going to give all of the money to the students.

The money will be distributed to students by: direct cash payments, and distance learning scholarships, which will be applied to students accounts while the school goes to online learning.  Jackson College said grants of $2,000 will be awarded to eligible students for a variety of things such as: childcare, transportation, health care, mental health, food, and more.

Students of Jackson College can apply for grants here. Apply now cause enrollment for the grants started today for the fall semester.

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