People stacked up behind you in the passing lane? And you refuse to get over? That could be grounds for a ticket and I'm all about it!

Some people argue, "As long as I'm going the speed limit I shouldn't have to move over". And you couldn't be more wrong.

This past weekend, I had to journey back and forth to Detroit 3 times. That's 6 trips. And besides construction, my number one complaint and point of contention? Folks sitting in the passing lane and not moving over to let people PASS! And if you have to go around them and pass to the right (which is dangerous) they couldn't be bothered or worse yet...they were distracted. Saw a lot of folks on the phone.

This is illegal my friends. If you're driving in the passing lane...just cruising along and letting cars stack up behind you, that is grounds for a ticket.

Michigan State Police began cracking down on drivers who cruise in the left lane on March 1st, joining a list of other states with similar laws on the books.

Left Lane Only for Passing

Troopers say that the new law means that the left lane of any Michigan State highway is for passing only.

Michigan State Police say that the law is meant to keep people safe, and anyone who gets caught cruising in the left lane could get a ticket or points on their license.

Some experts believe that driving too slow in the passing lane is at least as dangerous as driving too fast because people trapped from behind get frustrated and make dangerous maneuvers, creating road rage and accidents. (

A friend of mine shared this tweet from an Indiana State Trooper this past weekend. And it's gone viral!

Here's a fun, instructional video. Drive safely. And stay out of the left lane unless you're passing please...pretty please.

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