I Can Still See So it's Not That Bad

How many times have you gotten into your friend's car and after recovering from how messy it was inside, you noticed that the windshield had a pretty decent crack in it?

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Maybe a couple of cracks.

Ok, it was definitely spider webbing.

You don't want to get into anyone's business but you've got to say something right? Cause you're a friend. And they deserve to be talked about because you love them.

Also out of safety and fear for your life.

And lastly, they could get a ticket for driving around with a cracked windshield right?

Not So Fast Junior Detective

Turns out in Michigan the cracked windshield is a little bit of a problem, but not as bad as you think it is.

According to AutoBlog.com:

Michigan does not have any regulations concerning cracks, chips and other areas of damage on a windshield. 

  • Vehicles must be in a safe operating condition that does not endanger the driver or others who are on the roadways.
  • Law enforcement can stop any vehicle that they deem as being in an unsafe condition on the roadways, which would include any chips or cracks in the windshield that prevents the driver from seeing clearly.
  • Read More: Michigan Law and My Cracked Windshield

So as long as you can see and operate the vehicle safely for you and others, turns out you're good.

Cops could still stop you though. I don't think they would do so unless the windshield looks like this.

David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

You would definitely have more problems with dark window tint or something hanging from your rearview mirror.

According to legislature.mi.gov, MCL 257.709 states,

An object that obstructs the vision of the driver of the vehicle, except as authorized by law.

Pretty vague, but still the point is, they can ticket you; Autoevolution.com reports that the ticket will cost $100 if the police do pull you over for hanging your face mask on your rearview mirror.

Read More: It's Illegal to Hang Your Face Mask From Your Rearview Mirror

But again, I think this one is at the discretion of the officer. They could if they wanted to and saw your facemask or anything else dangling from your rearview mirror. And if they felt it was big enough to obstruct your vision.

But don't listen to me. Take it from a lawyer as he breaks down MCL 257.709.

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