So close you could touch it.

Missed it by "that" much.

By now you know the winning $1 billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot ticket was sold here in Michigan.

One ticket for the big jackpot. Usually jackpots of this size have multiple winners who have to split such a ridiculous amount.

Just like the winning Powerball ticket sold earlier this week worth $731 million dollars there was only one winning ticket to match all numbers. That one was sold in Maryland at a little convenience store in a coal mining town.

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The winning Michigan Mega Millions ticket was sold in Novi. Right down the road and off of I-96. If you've ever headed east to Detroit you've probably driven right by Novi and not even thought twice about it. You'll see signs for Twelve Oaks Mall and most recently you can see the new Carvana car vending machine structure right off the freeway. It's pretty cool.

Now here's the thing. Not only was that billion dollar winning ticket sold in Michigan. And in Novi. But it was also sold at the Kroger in Novi.

The Kroger in Novi off of Grand River.

Yup. The very same Grand River Avenue that stretches all the way west through Brighton, Howell, Fowlerville, Webberville, Williamston, Meridian Township, East Lansing, and Lansing.

Fun fact: The Kroger in Frandor (right off West Grand River in Lansing/E. Lansing) is roughly about 60 miles from the Kroger in Novi. And you could take I-96.

Or just cruise down Grand River Avenue.

Sure the longshot of matching the numbers for a billion in a national lottery is one thing.

But...winning ticket, sold in Michigan, at a Kroger, in a city you've probably driven past or through, on a road that stretches from there to here?

That's pretty awesome and trippy.

Now can you imagine how crazy things are about to be for that person?

We've got some advice for them.

When you win the lottery and move into a tax bracket that would make Scrooge McDuck blush, you're going to have to man/woman up anyway so pay attention.

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And if you're suddenly blessed with a billion bucks and need a new house, we know a guy and a place you might be interested in.

But you might be looking for something...bigger.

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