It's a new year and that means that you will need get your new registration sticker for your car. Hooray. Another year means another payment for your car registration, and you will want to make sure to buy your new registration or you could be in for a several hundred dollar ticket or worse.

Last year's sticker is orange, and if you have that on your car, make sure it doesn't go past the month on there or you could be in for payment to the state. I saw a car in front of me today with a Yellow sticker, that means this car was last registered with the state in 2018. This driver is living on the edge because it's a new year and the police know that people will forget to re-register their car. I actually forgot to register my car in 2019 and was almost given a ticket. If it wasn't for a police officer who spotted my car a month before it expired, I would've been given a ticket.

By the way, if you need help registering or want to do it online, you can get details here.

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