It was a deluge this morning when I woke up. I call it a mother in-law day... cold and miserable. When I see flooding in the driveway, I wonder about the Lansing roads and if it's flooding on Pennsylvania. Who will be on the news for getting trapped this time? You know the spot, right by Potter Park. That bridge is a menace. Trucks underestimate it's height and hit it all the time but I bet it's claimed more cars with flooding than it does embarrassed truck drivers. To me, this is clearly the most dangerous road in Lansing when it's raining... Or if you are driving a truck over 13 feet tall. If it's been raining hard, I'll avoid it completely.

A few years ago, a woman was barely rescued from her car underneath the bridge on Saginaw by Larch St. She said she thought she was going to DIE on Saginaw St. I am sure Saginaw will get a few votes.

There are some others too, MLK was a nightmare just last year but they repaved the potholes so you don't nearly hydroplane like you used to there. Miller Rd has seen some improvements.

M-21 out by Owosso used to be scary as hell. I stopped going on it after the last time I drove on it when it was raining. It literally felt like a boat hitting waves, hydroplaning.

What road is a wet nightmare for you to drive on?

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