Grief can be a very tricky topic. Everyone handles it so differently and needs such different things from the loved ones around them.

As someone's significant other, you're pretty much supposed to be closer to them than anyone else and are their main support system which is why when they are going through something that's rocked their world, they need you to help them get back to normal. Especially if you live together.

This has been a hard year for me and my S.O. Not only has COVID changed a lot of things but he lost his grandfather back in the fall and I just lost mine this week.

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Now we have only lived together a little over a year after being long distance a good majority of our relationship so there is a lot we have had to learn and learning how each other grieves has been one of those.

He is very much the type who likes to have people at an arm's distance away. Almost like people who just like to know you're there but also really need their space and alone time.

On the flip side, I am someone who needs distractions, hugs, physical affection and attention to get through it. I can't be alone.

It's all about just adapting to what that other person needs, even if it differs from what you would want for yourself.

Here are some tips to help if you ever find yourself in a similar situation:


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Obviously, I am not an expert and my boyfriend and I do still have some more to learn but I feel we have really done a great job adapting to what each other needs and accepting that it may be different than what either of us would choose for ourselves.

However, I hope that if you have, currently are, or ever do find yourself in a similar situation this helps!

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