We all like to joke about the different ways 2020 has been horrible but to some people, this year marked by so much loss has truly been "the worst year ever."

I remember when talks of COVID-19 started, it seemed like it wasn't that big of a threat as it was all the way overseas and "how could that really get here?" "Surely, they'll stop it from getting that far."

Then it all got very real, very fast.

Now, here we are in the middle of the cases rising again and more and more of our loved ones coming down with this highly-contagious mess of a virus.

At first, you would hear of people getting it, you would hear how many deaths occurred as it was just rattled off on the news. It's sad to hear so many people's loved ones lumped in with what feels like some people think is just basically "inevitable casualties."

It's maddening to see people still not taking this seriously, focusing their attentions and anger on each other.

I am angry too.

I am angry and heartbroken over how many lives were lost to this. How many people's loved ones did not get to say goodbye...I sit and I cry with you.

Recently, the virus scared me and my family back into shape as we had scares of our own which thankfully resulted in negative test results but it did take the life of someone so close and important to us.

In this, I want to say you are not alone...but don't we wish we almost were?

The saddest part is that how you are feeling after losing someone in this pandemic that we have fought so hard to subdue, is exactly that there are so many people going through this.

I don't say that to minimize your pain one bit, I merely say it to show just how horrible this truly is and just how much I feel for all of you.

However, there definitely is comfort in knowing there are other people going through this who you can hopefully lean on (from a distance) and get some guidance through this massively tragic time.

To see an entire nation grieving losses left and right, to see my own friends and family grieve so much loss, it just makes me want to give you all the biggest hugs.

We all grieve in our own, unique ways but just know there are always people in your corner, there are always people who can come at the drop of a hat to leave you dinner when it just hurts to bad to get out of bed, to come help mask-up and clean your house or even to just come and sit in silence with you to keep you company.

I see you, I have so much love and respect for you, and you are all in my thoughts and prayers and most of all.

Please, if you feel you have nowhere to turn or nobody to talk to, please reach out on our Facebook page, our app or any way you can find us (or me, specifically) I am here for you, I understand, I am a great listener and mostly, I am so sorry.

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