Consider this more of an "open apology" rather than an "open letter."

To my car,

I am so damn sorry but we've been through plenty of winters at this point, I'm certain you are not surprised.

We sure have been through a lot together you wonderful piece of machinery, you.

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You've been there for multiple moves, you've gotten me all over the place safely, and so much more than I have the words to thank you for...which is exactly why I have to apologize for the abuse I put you through.

I'm sorry I put so many miles on you. I'm sorry I don't wash you on the outside as much as I should and I am especially sorry I don't clean you on the inside NEARLY as much as you deserve.

We always hear "oh, it's what's on the inside that counts" and if that were the case for cars, well, you would probably be in some intense therapy.

There really is no excuse for keeping you as messy as I do in the winters, trust me, my dad definitely sticks up for you and lets me know just how ridiculous I am for not treating you right.

I know there is no excuse but when it is as cold and gross out as it is, sometimes it is just easier to not stand outside and clean you.

A recent survey said one-third of people admit their cars are so messy they can't even fit least we both can be thankful it's not THAT bad!

However, this is my promise to you that as soon as that beautiful spring weather arrives I will give you the spa day you absolutely deserve!

With that being said, I am so very sorry, but we will get through this like we do every winter so we just have to stick out the stickiness for a few more weeks (let's hope).

I appreciate you.

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